Hello everyone! 🙂

So last week was an exciting week for me, mostly because I got to hang out with designer, Sylvia Lee, and have a mini photo shoot in one of my favourite fashion boutiques, Spank Clothing! ❤

 By now, some of you know that I have a thing for vintage designs. It’s definitely something I gravitate towards, which is why Spank is one of my go-to places for some shopping. What I didn’t expect though was how engaging and friendly the atmosphere was in there. Honestly, there are very few retail stores and boutiques that are as welcoming as Spank. Many Vancouver bloggers I’ve met with also agree: Spank Clothing peeps are the sweetest! They have awesome blogger nights, too!

But the high light of my interactions with Spank was meeting Sylvia, who is the designer for Spank’s house brand: Lost & Found. And… did I mention it’s very vintage? 😀 Lost & Found definitely has this other-old-world charisma to its design, and all thanks to the creative juices of Sylvia.

During our interview for Vancity Buzz, I asked her a simple but somehow prevalent question: Why is the store called “Spank”? Sylvia cackled, and shared with me the hilarious woes behind the name Spank Clothing.

“When people hear Spank Clothing, they often mistake it for spanks… like what?!” said Sylvia. “My boss (Jana Sehic, the owner and founder of Spank Clothing, is also really awesome! Plus, she has a dog named Gypsy) came up with the name. She’s a creative woman, and kind of eccentric in a good way. She just blurts out ideas to get a reaction, and when she was trying to figure out a name for the store, she was like, ‘spank’! She guessed that people would wonder at the name. And because it could be interpreted in a ‘certain way’…”

Right on. >_< I told her how a friend of mine commented on the kinkiness of the name, Spank Clothing. But Sylvia had better stories:

“One friend of mine tried googling the terms ‘spank’ and ‘clothing'” she said, “and what my friend found was fetish wear! Yikes! It’s really funny, because when I go over to cross the boarder to Seattle, the line of questions customs officers would ask me would eventually lead to, ‘where do you work?’. And I dread that question, because the moment I tell them, ‘I work for Spank Clothing’, they would double over and respond, ‘excuse me??? What kind of clothing?'” I always have to thoroughly describe it as a fashion boutique store, and not what they think it is! Although, one time this customs officer was playing around, and responded to me, “Ooh, what did you think I was thinking?”. It was so embarrassing… especially since he was kinda’ handsome”.

Hahaha! Well that made my day. Check out the rest of the Vancity Buzz interview here. 😀

I honestly had a great time meeting Sylvia and Jana, who were really nice enough to lend me the store for my personal Spank outfit-of-the-day shoot! 😀 I figured that since I loved Spank Clothing so much, I should have a mini-shoot of my outfit as well. Sylvia and Jana were just sweet enough to humour me… XD More on that later!

Stay tuned for more Spank Clothing! ❤

XOXOXOX, Jenica C.

All photos are courtesy of Kuna Photography.


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  1. Hi, Jen!

    It’s Lesley, hope you still remember me! 😀 How are you?

    I just wanted to say you have a great blog! Cute design too! You’ve definitely come a long way since the last time we saw each other 🙂 Congratulations! Lucky you to have attended the fashion week over there! I’ve only attended Philippine Fashion Week once so far, haha! But I hope to attend some more in the future, maybe not as part of the audience, but for runway photography 😉

    I see you’re also looking great based on the picture above! Can’t wait for more of your entries! Also, visit my blog if you’d like! 😀 I will add you in my list of links 😉

    Cheers! ❤

  2. Hi, congratulations ! I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award because you’re so awesome ! You can see your Award on my post at http://www.shiro51144.wordpress.com !

  3. […] Don’t forget to check out my interview with Sylvia Lee from Spank Clothing. […]

  4. I LOVE YOUR ORANGE DRESS IT IS SOOOOO PRETTY. Post the outfit of the day pIctures na! 😀 And take me to Spank when I come back to visit again ahaha!


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