So, Vancouver Fashion Week hosted its spring/summer collection a few weeks ago. And as usual, I was apt to find some form of involvement, but this season is much more special that last season. I got the privilege to work with my good friend, Sandra J. Higueras, designer and founder of Qispi Kay Beachwear.

Picture of me and Sandra J. Higueras

Quick background: Qispi Kay Beachwear is designed by the lovely Peruvian lady, Sandra J. Higueras. Her bikinis are inspired by the wonders of the South-American continent, land of the best bikinis out there. All her bikinis are made with South-American (mostly from Brazil and Colombia) lycra, one of the highest grade lycra in the market. Qispi Kay Beachwear’s vision is to bring top-notch quality swimwear to Vancouver, while promoting the strong, independent, sexy women all over the world. 

For more information, I wrote an article about Qispi Kay Beachwear at Vancity Buzz. Check it out here. 🙂

Anyway, so I had the privilege of working with a hardcore bikini designer for Vancouver Fashion Week. Sandra is so sweet and bubbly, but she can also be a spit-fire perfectionist when demanded. Unlike last season, where I get to experience Vancouver Fashion Week as a media representative, this time I get to experience the behind-the-scenes of fashion week. And yes, I quickly learned that underneath the poise and grace of the runway is hair-ripping, high level adrenaline.

Pre-show set-ups

Dayana from Beauty Alchemy giving our model a fierce eye look!

Introducing Qispi Kay Beachwear at the Vancouver Fashion Week Gala!

Nothing ever goes smoothly in planning for a fashion week experience. We were up late nights for a week–skyping away, just planning, planning, arranging, coping with backfires, and planning again.

Team Qispi Kay Beachwear!

Setting up the bikinis…

You can never have too many shoes in a runway….

Special thanks to our awesome stylist, Claudia Da Ponte! 🙂

As the week progressed, things get more and more hectic. But also exciting. I learned a lot about working behind-scenes in a runway. There’s nothing quite like it: meticulous detail, spontaneity, pressure, adrenaline but also excitement throughout. These are the industry experiences that build you.

Overall, I loved working with Sandra and Qispi Kay Beachwear. In fact, I’m planning to stick around a bit… We definitely have soooo much more exciting things on the way! Stay tuned for more amazing Qispi Kay Beachwear!

Qispi Kay Beachwear currently sells all their gorgeous merchandise online. These are real, quality bikinis! Check it out in their website! 🙂

I will be posting the runway pictures for Qispi Kay Beachwear in my next post! 🙂

See you all next time!


Jenica  ❤

Some photo credits go to…

Qispi Kay Beachwear

Kuna Photography

Vancouver Fashion Week

Hush Magazine


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  1. I loved this post! I would love to experience working behind the scenes for fashion week here in Miami or anywhere else for that matter! Best of luck with the beachwear 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yah! I highly recommend it. Not necessarily because it’s the best work ever (far from it…), but it is a necessary experience for anyone who wants to work in fashion (in my opinion anyway). Ooooh, Miami Fashion Week, I’ve never looked that up before… now I will. xoxoxox!


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