August 26, 2013

Fashion Week Multi-Cultures


As a new season of fashion weeks kicks in during the fall, it’s high time for fashionistas to tune in for that next big thing. The new trends! What’s in what’s out what’s hot what’s not…

There’s no denying that fashion weeks are now legitimate annual events, with over thousands of attendees and even thousands more viewing from home. It’s hard to believe that such spectatorship can come from just checking out the new set of clothes. Or, is it really just about the clothes?




For brand specialists, like Empress Communications, there’s more to the center-stage runway than a catwalk of designs. To some extent, fashion can now be an intrinsic form of cultural ambassadorship, as international exposure has become the buzz-word of many companies.

Years ago, fashion weeks were an affair that was only relished by a select, stylish capitals of the world: New York, Paris, Milan and London. But now, it is an event hosted by hundreds of cities all over the world. As more and more cities run their fashion weeks, the objective remains the same: showing the latest trends, promoting the creative talents who put the clothes on our backs, and more recently, to fortify cross-cultural interactions, and forge international relations.


Autumn-Winter Shanghai Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are now increasingly multi-cultural as they are multi-branded. For instance, half of Vancouver Fashion Week’s annual brand line-up comes from designers across Asia, Europe and India. New York Fashion Week has also seen a rise in African fashion collections after the election of Obama. Berlin Fashion Week competes with the four capitals by promoting more international talents every year. And of course, the increasing debate of diversifying the racial profiles of fashion week models has put many fashion capitals under scrutiny, either to laud or criticize.


To some extent, diversity and international platforms are now the trend in trendy fashion weeks, and some are seeing the opportunity.  Which is why Empress Communications, a Vancouver-based PR firm, has also initiated the World Music Fashion Festival (WMFF), with the hopes of bringing together Asian-Western designers and consumers. Empress Communications’ partnership with fashion weeks in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu has sparked interest among designers in North America and Europe. Today, the WMFF has gained recognition from the British Columbia government for promoting Chinese-Canadian.


Is it at all necessary to promote more international platforms to fashion weeks? Absolutely! These days it’s not unusual to find Asian men and women wearing those Italian leather shoes, or French-styled coat. You’ll also find North Americans sporting that kimono-style blouse, or getting cozy with those handmade Indian scarves.


As participants in a globalized community, we have this strong fascination for worlds beyond our boundaries. Rightly so, because talent and fashion knows no limits; it deserves a world of recognition.


Special thanks to Empress Communications and World Music Fashion Festival for the photo credits! 🙂


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