Dominique Hanke, designer of Hive Mind Millinery, shares one of her most infamous childhood memories.

This is Dominique Hanke’s incredibly funny, yet very traumatic story of how a bizarre trip with her dad ended in tangles. We all have one of those childhood stories, the one that pops into our head and makes us pull down our burning faces. So for Dominique to share this story is quite a joy.

“Dad was a busy journalist,” began Dominique “I used to go and stay with him on the weekends while he works. Sometimes it was fun, but mostly I was dragged around as he works to cover incidents for the tabloids (like nasty murders and kidnappings).” Not really the best set up to bond with your daughter, admits Dominique. But… “The only thing I liked about it was I got to stay in (really) fancy hotels and restaurants with him.”

Full of laughs and fun! <3

Full of laughs and fun! ❤

“This one time, we were in Wales, and I spent most of the day waiting for him… Then decided to curl my hair”, said Dominique, who at that time was looking forward to a grand dinner. “So I picked up this tiny-tiny little brush. I had long hair at that time, so I twisted it up. Then. It got stuck.”

With a miniscule hairbrush stuck to her head, things started getting tense for dad. “He’s a super sweet guy, but just really no good in a crisis”, laughs Dominique. “This thing is stuck and he’s trying to pull it out, or even use scissors. The photographers who were with him couldn’t pull it out either…”

Helpess and stressed out, dad was left with no other option: “So we drove for two-and-a-half hours back to my mum’s house in Kinver, Staffordshire. And she got the brush off in two minutes.”

Yes, all that trouble for a tangled head. The long ride back from Wales to Kinver is arguably the most depressing ride ever. “I just had this memory of sitting in this beautiful hotel, and I was so disappointed…”, squeaked Dominque. “I spent all day waiting around, so I was so excited to go out for dinner that night. So ‘just sitting there watching the rabbits running free in the lawn, and I thought, ‘ohhh I’m gonna have to go home…”

We’re probably giggling at this right now. But let’s take Dominique’s word for how depressing it really was. “I was so sad, and I was crying!” she said. “It was seriously traumatic.”

Want to read more? Check out my interview with Domnique Hanke. 🙂

Jaw-dropping hats by Hive Mind Millinery

Jaw-dropping hats by Hive Mind Millinery

Photo credits are all by Dominique Hanke and Hive Mind Millinery.


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