December 27, 2013

Shoemint Holiday Haul!


So I decided to take advantage of end-of-the-year promos and holiday markdowns.

Seasons greetings to all! I hope you’re all enjoying some quality time with your loved ones this time of the year. I know I have. 🙂 Anyway, we are halfway through with the holidays, which means 2013 is about to come to a close. This is actually my favorite time of year for some retail therapy, with every price slashed to a (relatively) budget friendly amount.

I’m always checking out shoes, and by now you guys know I’m a subscriber to Shoemint. Since then, I’ve had more requests to do more Mint reviews. So here are some of my recent Shoemint purchases. 🙂


The Ida Loafers are flat shoes with a black toe-front. I got the White Snake/Black design, although it is available (and more popularly shared) in Cognac/Black. Sizing is definitely true-to-size, although it will feel a bit tight at first. It is written to be “menswear inspired”, and there certainly is a boy-ish charm to it. But don’t let the labeling deter you. It’s quite fun to play around with.

Photo 24-12-2013 14 22 30

I’m typically girlier in my style, and what I love about the Ida loafers is its flexibility. You can dress it up, or tone it down depending on your outfit. It matches well with boyfriend pants, but also looks cute with skirts. You can also wear patterned socks with it for an added pop of color (that’s totally dressing it up!).

Check out the snake-skin texture on these Ida Loafers.

Check out the snake-skin texture on these Ida Loafers.

My only warning when buying these, or any similar leather/patent loafers, is the need to break them in. Blisters alert! Do not immediately wear this out on a long day, because it is incredibly stiff when new. But once it has softened, it’s comfortable enough to be casual day shoes.

The Sutton Desert Wedges have a 3.5 inch heel, and come in various colors. I bought the spotted Dalmation Pony design, though it also comes in olive, wine and black suede.

Photo 24-12-2013 14 23 20

I absolutely love the spotted design. It’s definitely a statement piece that can dress-up any outfit you wear. I’ve already worn this on multiple occasions, from casual outing to parties, which earned me several compliments. Despite the heel length, it is incredibly comfortable; I could wear it all day. There’s not much for me to say, other than it has been one of my favorites from Shoemint. Comfort and style in one—I highly recommend it.

Feels like actual pony hair...

Feels like actual pony hair…

As part of a designer range, Shoemint has added several flats by Yosi Samra, another shoe brand known for its fashionable yet incredibly comfortable flats (who doesn’t want that?). I chose the Yosi Ariel Lace Smoking Slippers, primarily because I was drawn to the lingerie-esque look to it. Being a part of a branded/designer range, the Yosi Samra shoes do come at a higher price range than most of the Shoemint flats, and is mostly excluded from sales and promos.

Photo 24-12-2013 14 23 51

I’m a bit on the fence about this purchase. The shoes themselves are awesome, very comfortable, and seemingly durable, as with all Yosi Samra shoes. I was even very impressed with how well made the lace detailing was on the shoes; it seemed more part of the shoes, rather than fabric daintily glued to it.

However, I’m not sure why Shoemint is carrying Yosi Samra shoes, when the Yosi Samra website is also selling them online (yes, including international shipping!). I also noticed that Shoemint has a small mark-up on Yosi Samra shoes. The Yosi Ariel loafers I bought cost $136 in Shoemint, while the exact same shoes in Yosi Samra website costs $127 (Shipping prices not included). It seems hardly a difference for some people, but I’m also thinking that could have been extra money for me to pay for international shipping… I had mistakenly assumed that Shoemint’s Yosi Samra shoes would have a special member’s price, or something. But apparently not.

The lace detailing is so romantic. <3

The lace detailing and studs are so romantic. ❤

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my shoe haul from Shoemint. It’s still one of my favorite online stores for shoes, and I wear Steve Madden/Shoemint shoes often. Although, I do strongly advice everyone to do a little googling before buying some of the designer/brand range. Check the brand’s home website first, or maybe even another online retailer, to compare prices. Sometimes the brand of shoes you want might be cheaper than Shoemint prices.

Me wearing my Sutton Wedges! <3

Me wearing my Sutton Wedges! ❤

Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday! 🙂

Here’s to the new year ahead!

xoxo, Jenica

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